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Political Riots

📣The Personal is the political! 👊🏾
What create change?
Who create change?
5 early evenings x 60 minutes of curated chats with grassroots activists who share why they do/did what they do/did, what they hope will change, and how you can get involved / inspired and make change. Topics include sex, gender, race, community, flowers, class and shitloads of activism.

Who will take part?
Do YOU want to take part?
You get max 7 minutes to share your ideas/story/thoughts! Get in touch via and let them know what you are gonna share and talk about in your given 7 minutes!

The themes of the days are loosely based and might morph into something completely different. And that is fine too…..
Come and make this happen!
Monday - LGBT being the bat
Tuesday - Message to our younger selves
Wednesday - Sexual freedom?!
Thursday - Bodies does exist
Friday - Welcome includes all?
Want to be part? Please fill in this form asap.

Curated & facilitated by Ingo Cando at Biograf Panora, Friisgatan 19D, 214 21 Malmö
Dare to Inspire! ❤️
Malmö Pride in collaboration with: Biograf Panora, Page 28
This event will be held in English and/or maybe Swedish if needed.
Entry Free

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